The final TPC protoype

With only four fastenings around it's perimeter the seat yields elegantly to the weight of the occupant.

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STP at the DMY

The little brother of the PCH chair also made it's debut in Berlin. The tension straps prove really successful in distributing load across the stool making in very robust, despite using no glue or mechanical fastenings. 

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PCH Final Design

The PCH chair made its debut at the DMY. The final design employs Linoleum on Multiplex plywood.You can learn more at our website. 

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DMY Weekend

The DMY show proved to be a great way to gauge feedback on the new Erfindsam products and we hope to participate again in the future.

Solleydesign at DMY

Read more about our contribution to 
the DMY show on their own website.  

The DMY Show 2015

PCH prototype

The base construction supports the seat and back units; these are plugged together and bend to support the unique posture of the occupant. You can try the final version at the the Berlin design show.

The DMY design show 2015

PCH joinery detail

The PCH chair employs the CNC router to create a series of interlocking parts. With no adhesive or mechanical fastenings the chair easy to pack up and take with you.

PCH chair connections

The PCH chair frame comprises of a kit of parts that can be connected with a series of flexible fastenings. The frame is held in tension allowing for an elegant sloping form.