Inspired by the Hollow Boards of Tom Blake we are developing a prototype for an environmentally friendly standup paddleboard. Stable, light and.... almost undetectable by radar!

Street Paddleboard 2.0

We have just completed the second prototype of our street paddle board. The board is constructed from a proprietary sandwich of hardwood ply and reinforcement fabric. The laminations assume convex curvature that simulates the sensation of paddling on flat water. The board length is 48" and its width is ca. 9" providing a smooth and elegant ride.
3.0 is already in production; feel free to contact us for pricing and availability.

Installation powered up

The new installation at RIFAC provides a dramatic change of scale as you enter the new facility and this bright and airy entrance space takes on an intimacy come night fall. The pendants require very little illumination, thanks to their strong but thin outer shell. This reduces energy cost considerably and enables the pendants color to change depending on the light source.

RIFA Installation complete!

Over the last year we have been exploring potential applications for vacuum formed poly propylene. The Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club commissioned this installation for their new facilty. They complement the abundance of natural light with a diffused internal glow and provide acoustic deflection in this tall industrial space. For more information on RIFAC visit.

our new marine video

This is a short movie about our marine design projects. Our design process adapts to different project types and the video shows some of these action steps were used to bring Grand Haven from an idea to a finished product.