Digital Scanner

I was fortunate to attend a 3D scanning project at the BBK Kulturwerk this week. The sannner is capable of creating a digital model of a physical object. The digital scan could be used to create facsimilies on the 3D printer.

Fab Lab Berlin

This week I attended my first day at the Fab Lab in Berlin. I'll be there during September working on a series of laser cutting exercises.

Werbund Archiv

Invited to the Werkbund Archive today. The research library is connected to the Museum der Dinge; a collection of design artifacts that represent the social history of design in Germany.

Kunst-Stoff Tempelhof

Took a trip to Kunst-Stoff in Tempelhof today. This is a resource recovery depot where you can buy materials that have outlived their former use. They also have workshop space 

The Kulturwerk is an associated facility of the BBK berlin. It's subsidized by the State of Berlin and offers visual artists the space to fabricate large scale works. We have been invited to view the workshops and participate in their program.

We just wanted to let you know that we will be working in Berlin Germany, for one year, thanks to a sabbatical granted by Suffolk University. The year will provide us with the resources to design  a series of furniture pieces using computer controlled fabrication.

Burgherrenstrasse 8, VH HP Links
12101 Berlin Tempelhof